Welding Fume Extractors & Collectors

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Welding applications are rapidly growing as manufacturing jobs are increasing. Having the right fume collection system for your production is not only important for health compliance but also overall production. Ecolo Tech has years of experience providing and fabricating the right type of welding fume extractors and dust collector systems for several production floors.

Whether you’re looking for a large production line solution or something more custom, we can develop a welding smoke extraction system to meet your needs.  


Welding Fume Extraction Systems

In addition to our years of experience of consulting and installing fume & dust collectors, we carry top of the line brands like SmogHog, Camfil Gold Series & more. Here at Ecolo Tech, we believe in the quality and durability of all our systems! We offer a full range of systems and equipment, below are just a few of our welding fume collection solutions:

  • Portable Fume Collectors
  • Electrostatic Precipitator Collectors (ESP)
  • Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Baghouse Dust Collectors

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Welding Fumes Health & Equipment Compliance 

Capturing the dust, smoke and fumes generated during welding can sometimes require expert assistance and consulting. It is important for your business to remain in compliance with OSHA’s standards for minimizing welding fumes and to be conscious of your employee’s health and safety. Ecolo Tech’s equipment and custom systems are designed to make sure your production remains OSHA, EPA & NFPA compliant. Non-compliance with these regulations can also result in expensive penalty fees. Installing the appropriate system for your application ensures that you can comply with regulations while maintaining a safe working environment.

Locally owned and operated with 50 years experience and 65 years in business, Ecolo-Tech Inc.’s professionally trained staff guarantees the best prices.

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