Baghouse Dust Collectors

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Why Baghouse Dust Collectors?

Cyclone and BRF BaghouseAt Ecolo-Tech, Inc. we care about putting the right dust collector in your facility, perfectly pairing it with the application you need it for. Some industrial processes don’t generate the fine particulate that requires a cartridge collector. In these cases, Ecolo-Tech, Inc. recommends using a baghouse or media collector. Other dust collector suppliers may steer customers to expensive options, but owner Roy Costello is happy to guide customers towards a more economical option when a more intricate system is not needed. We can also fabricate custom dust collector systems for facilities that need to remove industrial particulates from the air. We will sell you a dust or mist collector, install it for you, and provide the necessary hood and ductwork to get any dirty, unhealthy air out of your facility.

Baghouse & Media Dust Collector Applications

Baghouse and media dust collectors are commonly used for sandblasting, woodworking, cement, grain, mining, chemical, and food processing applications.

These fabric-style media dust collectors are extremely versatile. Media collectors can be used for both wet and dry applications. Ecolo-Tech, Inc. recommends these collectors for grinding applications because the collection system can handle both the coolant and metal dust released into the air during the grinding process. The media can be used for wet or dry applications, depending on the type of application.

Ecolo-Tech, Inc. has bag/media collectors ranging in size from 800 to 50,000 CFM though larger ones can be specifically designed.

We offer bag/media collectors from Imperial Systems and other companies.

Imperial Systems Bag/Media Collectors

Imperial Systems, Inc.’s BRF (reverse-air baghouse) offers a superior cleaning system, robust 7 and 10-gauge construction, precise welds, reliable performance, tool-free access, and longer filter life. This system features:

  • 8-year warranty on cleaning mechanism
  • Explosion-proof electric motors in clean air plenum
  • Sprinkler system in clean air plenum
  • Hopper access door
  • Top access, tool-free bag, and cage removal
  • 60-degree hopper
  • NFPA approved explosion venting
  • Factory assembled ladders and platforms
  • Large access platform
  • Standard design for 25-inch negative pressure
  • Compressed air is not required
  • Accommodates higher dust loads
  • Direct drive cleaning system
  • Minimum wear parts
  • Continuous single drive shaft

We are based in Madison Heights, Michigan, and we install bag/media collectors in facilities throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. To get started, please request a quote today.

Locally owned and operated with 50 years experience and 65 years in business, Ecolo-Tech Inc.’s professionally trained staff guarantees the best prices.

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