Dust & Fume Collectors for Fiberglass

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Working with fiberglass in your application presents several health risks and regulation considerations. Ecolo Tech has expertise in creating a dust collection system with fire and explosion protection to meet OSHA and NFPA standards.

We design dust collection systems with top of the line brands like UAS, Rotoclone and more. Our designs can include custom ductwork and hoods, will surely be able to handle your fiberglass dust-collection challenges, across a variety of applications.


Fiberglass Dust Applications

Fiberglass is used in the production of several parts, across many industries. Our dust collection systems are equipped to maintain a healthy & clean working environment for all industries that use fiberglass in their day to day productions.

  • Aerospace Paints & Parts
  • Automotive Paints & Parts
  • Structural Fiberglass FRP
  • Storage Tanks and Pipes
  • Marine Paints & Parts


Exposure Risks & Regulations for Fiberglass Dust

Fiberglass dust can contaminate product supply, reduce efficiencies across processes and lessen the lifespan of critical equipment.  Fiberglass dust can seep its way into the electronics or mechanics of a piece of equipment. This can increase maintenance costs across machinery and equipment over time.

Not to mention the health hazards posed on employees who are exposed to such materials in their workplace.  When a worker is exposed to fiberglass dust, symptoms can include coughing, wheezing and asthma-like symptoms. When exposed to the material for a long-term period, the symptoms can be much more severe: prolonged exposure, bronchitis and even the potential for cancer.

Therefore, choosing the right dust collector system for your fiberglass application is so crucial. It is important for production efficiency and the well being of workers in the field. Ecolo Tech has all the expertise to help custom design the dust collector system for your fiberglass needs.

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