Dust & Fume Collection for Automotive

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Air Purification for Automotive Manufacturing

Dust Collection for Automotive ManufacturingEcolo-Tech, Inc. has over 65 years of experience providing air purification equipment to vehicle manufacturers and automotive OEMs. Our facility is based in Madison Heights, Michigan, and we have worked with numerous manufacturers throughout the Detroit area. As a result, we are extremely knowledgeable about the processes used in automotive manufacturing and the challenges faced on the factory floor.

Automotive manufacturing produces many air quality concerns. For example, metalworking procedures create metal dusts like hexavalent chromium which is carcinogenic. Additionally, high temperatures generated from welding create fumes that can become a fire or explosion hazard. In order to maintain a safe environment for your plant, it is imperative to have a comprehensive plan for controlling fumes and dust.

There are three main areas that we work in throughout the automotive space


Dust Collection for MetalworkingProcesses that involve metal cutting or surface preparation produce automotive dusts that are dangerous to inhale. Most commonly, we see these dusts coming from processes like forming, grinding, and buffing. The grit used in processes like sandblasting also create unhealthy particulate. To remove these particles from the air, we offer a range of collectors, such as our bag/media collectors and cartridge dust collectors. We also fabricate the ductwork in your facility to disposes of this waste properly.


Fume Extraction for Automotive WeldingLaser welding and robotic welding produce heavy, metal-laden fumes. In addition to a foul odor, these fumes pose a risk of being explosive or a fire hazard if they are not properly handled. We offer a range of solutions including mist & fume collectors and fume extraction hoods to clean the air.

Paint & Spray Booth

Industrial Spray BoothManufacturers use spray booths to apply paints to vehicles, trucks, and other automotive equipment quickly and evenly. We provide paint booths that can be sized for anything ranging from a small car to a full 18-wheeler. Spray booths require a consistent supply of fresh air to be as efficient as possible. Let us install a spray booth in your facility that will meet your needs.

Common Industry Applications

There are several areas with the automotive space where we work. We have experience with companies including Dana Incorporated, Dextech, Ceratizit, AAM, MNP Corporation, and Kamax. These companies typically produce the following components:

  • Aftermarket OEM parts
  • Fasteners for engines, drivetrain, wheels, suspension, seating, etc.
  • Axle & driveshaft components
  • Washers, flanges, bolts, studs for vehicles

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