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For the dustiest jobs with the smallest particles, Ecolo-Tech, Inc. recommends using air-purifying cartridge dust collectors. These dust collectors use replaceable cartridges to separate the smallest dust particles from the air. Cartridge collectors are known for being the most thorough type of dust collector and are a common way to control air pollution and purification in an industrial setting.

What are Cartridge Dust Collectors?

Cartridge dust collectors can be used for intermittent and heavy-duty processes. They are often used for automotive OEMs and metalworking, as particles released during the grinding process can be particularly small. Cartridge collectors are also ideal for catching small powders like plastic dust. Other applications include sandblasting, abrasive and shot blasting, fiberglass processing, food processing and woodworking.

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Cartridge collectors are 99.7 percent efficient at removing dust particles up to .03 microns and larger. When air is sucked through a cartridge collector, the small dust particles are caught by the cartridge which must be replaced approximately once a year to keep the dust collector performing at optimum levels. The expected filter life is approximately 250 hours, at normal operating hours.

Cartridge Dust Collector Applications

Ecolo-Tech, Inc. offers many brands of cartridge collectors including Imperial Systems, Inc., UAS and more. Contact us to determine if a cartridge collector will best suit your needs. Typical sizes range from 800 to 50,000 CFM, but larger cartridge collectors can be specifically designed for our customers.

Ecolo-Tech, Inc. is a provider of the UAS Dust Hog Plug-n-Play and SFC Series. The SFC Series dust collectors has advanced pulse cleaning technology, greater air capacity and quiet, easy maintenance.

The DustHog can handle dust and thermally generated fumes from welding or laser/plasma cutting. This cartridge collector features:

  • ProTura® DH nanofiber filter technology which has a high operational efficiency, low operating pressure loss and reduced compressed air usage. This filter can be relied on to protect workers and machinery.
  • Easy to operate touch screen control with 24VDC wiring which controls the fan and filter cleaning system. The system alerts users when maintenance is required and allows for manual or automatic air volume adjustments.
  • Energy efficiency due to an Electrically Commutated (EC) motorized impellor.
  • Convenient maintenance due to single side access, tool-free filter removal and an enhanced 20 gallon removable dust collection drawer.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction with powder coated finish inside and out creating a durable and reliable product
  • Optional safety after-filter using either ASHRAE or HEPA to eliminate 95 percent of particulate. Filter also acts as a unit silencer.

We also provide a complete line of high-performance replacement filters

Locally owned and operated with 50 years experience and 65 years in business, Ecolo-Tech Inc.’s professionally trained staff guarantees the best prices.

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